EP 09 Rural Racism

Jacqui Grant  explores assertions by former Chair of EHRC Trevor Phillips and Neil Chakraborti, Criminologist at Leicester University, that passive apartheid exists in the countryside making rural locations no go areas for  ethnic minorities.   This week she speaks to Zimbabwean David Mwanaka,  one of only two black farmers in the UK who runs farms in Enfield in Essex and also in Kent.  She also chats to the Chair of Diversity Lewes Tony Kalume and Sergeant Jenny Abura of Sussex Police about the problems that ethnic minorities face living in local rural villages.  The podcast soundtrack includes Kanda Bongoman and Bin ya Mama and a clip from Little Miss Jocelyn’s sketch, Accounts.

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      Whoops… so sorry about wrongly calling you David. Was that during your interview? or an email? I’m hoping an email….. I’ll be in touch soon and glad you liked it..

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