EP 13 The Soul of Christmas

‘The Soul of Christmas’ podcast with Jacqui Grant in interview with soul singer/songwriter Wayne Gidden about his latest album Half a Step from Falling Down, his work with Paul Heaton and Lack of Afro and, his songwriting for a rising talent. Jacqui also catches up with soul diva newcomer Ione-Mai and her debut EP Back in the Day



EP 11 ‘Heart’ of the African Caribbean Community

Christmas festivities are all about indulgence – and nothing wrong with that. But the high incidence of strokes and type 2 diabetes within the African Caribbean communities means there’s a need to consider heart health even during this celebratory season. Jacqui catches up with BME Project Manager at BHF Ali Ornhan and fictional character Patty Dumplin aka Lisa Jackson to find out what initiatives they use promote heart health to black communities in the UK. There is also a featured interview with heart disease survivor, BHF fundraiser and inspirational woman Michelle White. Featured tracks from the artists Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan and Carl Malcolm.

EP 10 Home for Christmas

As Christmas approaches with its tradition of festivities and the coming together of families, Jacqui explores why so many black children languish within the UK care system. She speaks to founder of the Afrikan Family Works, Sunjata Keita, child lawyer Jenny Morrison and listens to the story of Ashley John-Baptiste of XFactor fame who, entered the care system aged two and remained there until adulthood. Her guests this week select songs by Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Nico & Vinz.


EP 09 Rural Racism

Jacqui Grant  explores assertions by former Chair of EHRC Trevor Phillips and Neil Chakraborti, Criminologist at Leicester University, that passive apartheid exists in the countryside making rural locations no go areas for  ethnic minorities.   This week she speaks to Zimbabwean David Mwanaka,  one of only two black farmers in the UK who runs farms in Enfield in Essex and also in Kent.  She also chats to the Chair of Diversity Lewes Tony Kalume and Sergeant Jenny Abura of Sussex Police about the problems that ethnic minorities face living in local rural villages.  The podcast soundtrack includes Kanda Bongoman and Bin ya Mama and a clip from Little Miss Jocelyn’s sketch, Accounts.

EP 08 Eva Longoria’s Global Gift

On Monday 17th November Eva Longoria arrived at the Emirates Stadium to present the Global Gift Award for Excellence to Tessy Ojo of the Diana Award during the national Anti-bullying Conference.  A great turn out with celebrities like Kelly Hoppen, Carrie Grant, Adam Deacon, Twist and Pulse, giving confidence building workshops to the the 300 young attendees.  With an intro by Eva Longoria and interviews with the One Show’s Carrie Grant, Rapper  Faith Child, Tessy Ojo and the Diana Award’s Anti-bullying Programme Manager and award holders. Soundtracks by 2pac and Emelie Sandé.


EP 07 British West Indies Regiment in WW1

In the year that marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and the week where ceremonies have been held throughout the UK to reflect the meaning of the sacrifices made, Jacqui Grant adds here a documentary on the contribution of the British West Indies Regiment to the long list of people who played a role in the war.

First World War history predominantly relates the conflict as a white man’s war. As a result, the contribution of over a third of the colonial manpower drawn from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, remains absent from public consciousness.

This documentary was researched, written and narrated by Jacqui Grant for the BBC as a personal thanks to the Caribbean forefathers who risked their lives to fight in a war more than 4 thousand miles from home for King and Country.  The documentary relates the arrival of the first wave of West Indian recruits in East Sussex in September 1915 for military training at Seaford’s north camp, the appalling conditions they suffered at the camp, and poor treatment by their superiors; the subordinate role they played in the war; their victorious defeat of the Turkish army in Palestine before the end of the war… it also reflects the personal story of Timothea James from St Lucia who located the final resting place of her Great Uncle whom she’d grown up hearing about as the man who went to war who never came back.

This documentary was informed by historian Richard Smith at Goldsmith’s University, local author and chronicler of the Seaford Museum and Heritage Society, Kevin Gordon and supported by the narrative voices of Edward Wareing, Pip Henderson and Kemar.  It was produced by Simon Furber at the BBC.  More information can be found on this documentary on the BBC website / World War 1 at Home series.


EP 06 Daniel D, ‘hip-hop’ violinist

Jacqui in conversation with talented hip-hop violinist Daniel D who has performed for the likes of Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Kanye West and Jamie Fox.   Daniel talks to Jacqui about what inspires his music, his loyal followers and his favourite tracks.  Full versions of  ‘Lullaby’, ‘That Guy’ and ‘Play for You’ are featured here.

As his fans will already know, Daniel puts out a music video most days that you can view on Facebook – these are what he call’s ‘teasers’ to get you in the zone .  You can also find more information on Daniel on his website at www.danieldmusic.com

In the meantime …     If music be the food of love, PLAY ON.. ….

EP 05 ‘All things Friends’

Jacqui is joined by Empressjai for their regular monthly feature –   this month is All About Friends.   Empressjai brings with her an  array of soundtracks to get you all in the mood – her icons from the reggae archives include Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Tony Rebel and Prince Lincoln and the Royal Rasses…. This podcast will be sure to make you ask yourself  ‘So, what type of a friend am I?’



EP 04 ASWAD at Concorde 2

Jacqui caught up with Drummie and Tony Gad, the two remaining members of the homegrown roots reggae band ASWAD during their rehearsal at Concorde 2 in Brighton. Still going strong, the duo shared their favourite ASWAD tracks, the story behind the making the single Warrior Charge and their iconic status in Jamaica. Their playlist includes Dub Fire, I Need Your Love and Back to Africa.